Murmex is our software framework for distributed input/output applications.

It allows you to efficiently realize local and distributed cross-platform software applications for signal acquisition, generation and processing as well as sophisticated laboratory or industrial hardware control and monitoring systems. Each component is a finite-state machine running independently, but in connection with other components.

Component-based architecture

Divide your software into independently testable components. Multiple software developers can implement these components in parallel, allowing you to speed up time-to-market. Murmex will make sure that the individual components seamlessly work together in the final application.

Flexibility and extendability

Components can be connected to data-processing pipelines and networks. You can realize a toolbox of components that can be assembled with combinatorial flexibility. Implement components to be flexibly configurable, thereby further extending the number of possible applications you can realize.

Distributed applications

Under the hood, Murmex uses a message-oriented middleware (RabbitMQ) to connect components across computers and platforms.

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