When you make your class into a child class of Murmex, you automatically inherit all the properties and methods from the parent. While Murmex can run independently, you need to implement only a minimal amount of methods and set only a few parameters to have the minimal design running.

Setting up the project and class

  1. Create a LabVIEW project.
  2. Create a new Class.
  3. Save all, such that you get the following order: \ExampleClassName.lvproj \ExampleClassName\ExampleClassName.lvclass
  4. Add to the project, but not to the class, a Test.vi.
  5. In the Test.vi add a Murmex method (this is to preload the classes). E.g. add a method by selecting in the Block Diagram >> Right mouse click menu >> Addons >> Distrio >> Murmex >> Murmex >> Send data. Addon menu
  6. Now that the Murmex class is loaded in the memory, you can set the inheritance. Go to your class properties.
    • General Settings >> Edit icon >> Icon Text. Give here your class name.
    • Documentation >> Localized name >> Give here the short name of your class (just remove the “.lvclass”).
    • Inheritance >> Change Inheritance >> Select Murmex.lvclass
  7. Go to your project >> Right mouse click on your class >> New >> VI for override >> Select all methods that have an asterisk >> Ok
  8. Initially just save the newly created methods and close them.